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I am getting calls constantly from all over the U.S., people coming here to vacation and buy properties. Between my posts and your SEO-OMG I can’t keep up with it. I had to call in other associates to help me, you created a monster!

I Am Getting Calls Constantly

I’ve known of Nancy’s work for 10+ years as a Realtor on the P2Agent website platform. So, when I upgraded to my WordPress site with IDXBroker and the Curb Appeal theme, I knew who to contact. She is not only responsive, knowledgeable, on point and tireless, she is well…super funny. I mean I’m a funny guy (just ask my Mom) and I know funny. Bottom line is…I’m super happy and know, because of her work, those Million dollar home Buyer’s here in LA will find me, I will make my Mom happy and Nancy will make you and your website better for the world to see.

I’ve Known Of Nancy’s Work For 10+ Years

First off let me say that I love the new websites and that you did a great job putting up with all my changes but I think the outcome is very nice and I’m so happy that I made your monthly newsletter finally after so many years! LOL – I hope that you’re pleased as well with the final outcome of both websites. Thank you for all your hard work.

I Love The New Websites

I actually tried to get a website last December, I paid the guys and never heard back from them. They never returned a call or email. I had long given up on ever hearing from them. Then about six months later they sent me a really bad (and I mean bad) and very incomplete site along with another bill! I had to find an attorney to write an agreement for them to agree that I didn’t owe them more money. I never got a site and lost my money that I initially put down … You nailed it in a week!!! I’m in awe. I absolutely LOVE It! It’s way better than what I had hoped for. I hope to send you some great new business. Thanks again!

You Nailed It In A Week!

Nancy is such a pleasure to work with – from the define/initiate phase all the way to cutover and rollout, she’s been top notch and spot on in communications, value-added delivery, and ensuring that you get what you need. I honestly can’t say enough good things about Nancy, and in my mind, she’s the only person to talk to around web design.

Such A Pleasure To Work With
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